Our Boycott Philosophy

One of the more common questions that we get goes something like this: “How are the boycotts that you guys do different than what people on the left do?”

It’s a great question!

Of course, the obvious difference is that our boycotts are all going to be right of center, pro constitution or in that vein.

We are not simply a mirror image of the left, however. We practice a “big tent” approach, and are happy to include boycott lists from groups that are not in 100% agreement with each other. For instance, a libertarian group is probably going to have different positions than a traditional Christian group, and we welcome both perspectives, and are happy to publish boycott lists from those perspectives.

This is in stark contrast to the left, where ideological conformity is increasingly the goal. Our boycott lists act more like suggestions, and inform our users when they are on sites they might not want to support. This also means that the boycotts we empower are often going to be slow and steady pressure instead of the “flash in the pan” screeching protests on the left.

Another key distinction is that this kind of action on the left is, to a disturbing degree, intended to really harm people. Patricott is deeply devoted to corrective action, not wanton destruction. When companies capitulate to the demands of a screeching minority, and have lost touch with most people because their executives live in a leftist echo chamber, a dip in quarterly earnings is a good way to get them to recalibrate their responses.

Finally, and this is really important, we are deeply dedicated to free speech. The regressive left is aggressively boycotting platforms that dare to carry conservative voices. For this reason, when we release our official boycott guidelines, we will strongly discourage blanket boycotts of publishing platforms simply because they have a differing perspective.

Your humble partners in the quest to MAGA by consumer action,

The Patricott Team