Sleeping Giants Counter Boycott

In November of 2016, Kellogg’s pulled all advertising from conservative news website Their stated reason was that the content on was not “aligned with our values as a company.” Read the full details here. Kellogg’s was not the first company, but arguably the most high profile. dug into Kellogg’s business practices and promptly uncovered many troubling items, and launched a boycott of Kellogg’s. As of the writing of this article, over 434,000 people have signed the boycott. If you’d like to, you can sign it here.

At the same time that Kellogg’s and other companies started pulling ads from, an online “slacktivist” group calling itself Sleeping Giants began putting pressure on more companies to drop from their advertising plans.

Unfortunately, over 500 companies, to date, have caved in, and removed their advertising. Most of them, no doubt, have done this simply to avoid the headache, but it’s time to take a stand, and let these companies know that virtue signaling and pandering to the shrill minority will cost them far more.

Patricott is monitoring the list of companies that have pulled their ads from as a result of the Sleeping Giants protest, and updating our plugin to ensure that our users know to avoid supporting those businesses.

Have you had contact with one of these businesses? Consider letting them know that you won’t be shopping with them until they stop appeasing the shrill minority. Please be polite and courteous in any communications.