There is a global war on cash.

But as a Bitcoin enthusiast, you already knew that, right?

As the BTC surges against the USD and other fiat currencies, countries and the global corporations that work hand in hand with them will be increasingly threatened by Bitcoin. Expect to see more and more countries attempting to prevent people from circumventing their fiat by regulating Bitcoin.

This is where Patricott comes in. If you are anything like us, you still spend plenty of fiat on a day to day basis. Patricott is a boycott platform that warns you when you browse to a site that is on one or more patriot boycott lists. Why would you want to boycott these sites? It’s pretty simple, the same companies that fund radical socialist activism, oppose second amendment freedoms and generally espouse far left principles are also the most likely to lobby for greater regulation of Bitcoin.

So join us in voting with your fiat, and get the Patricott plugin right here!